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Ways to give

We all want to make a difference... to change the world, our world. We give of ourselves, our time and our talents. When you give to Mary Rutan Foundation, your donation will directly impact thousands of people right here in your community.

It may be hard to comprehend the enormous impact that Mary Rutan Hospital has. Statistics can be measured inpatient visits, surgeries and births, but they do not tell the full story.

The generosity of friends of Mary Rutan Foundation begins to tell the story of health, wellness and healing for people in our community. These people are your neighbors and friends, your family and co-workers; they are people young and old who need our help.

Mary Rutan Hospital Foundation receives financial support from community residents, corporations and organizations. These generous contributions are made in memory and honor of loved ones and in support of special programs, services and departments of the hospital. It is through these gifts that together we make a lasting impact on the healthcare of people in OUR community. Below are the ways you can give.

  • Direct gifts. Matching gifts.
  • Gifts of stock.
  • IRA giving.
  • Memorial and recognition gifts.
  • Planned giving.

Donate now

Mary Rutan Foundation funds currently include:

  • General Unrestricted Fund
  • Restricted funds:
    • Community Health Fund
    • Endowment Fund
    • Medication Assistance Fund
    • Logan County Cancer Society
    • Grant K. Varian Crisis Assistance Fund
    • Jon Weeks Memorial Medical Assistance Fund
    • MRH Employee Assistance Fund
    • General Scholarship Fund
    • Named Scholarship Funds
      • Dr. Evan Dixon Scholarship Fund
      • Ewing H. Crawfis Memorial Employees Scholarship Fund
      • Dwight Spencer Medical Scholarship Fund
      • Rita Riedmiller Medical Scholarship Fund
      • Marilyn A. Carnes Nursing Scholarship Fund