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Promoting health & wellness

Community Health and Wellness activities are plentiful throughout each year, thanks to the generous funding of the Mary Rutan Foundation. In 2018, the Community Health Risk & Needs Assessment determined the primary focus areas for the community to be: Chronic Disease, Drug Abuse, Mental Health, Child Maltreatment, and Housing & Homelessness. The Community Outreach Team achieved 147,278 touch points (personal interactions) through 208 occurrences focusing on these specific needs; 64 of which were in our at-risk communities of Bellefontaine West/Central, De Graff, and the Indian Lake area.

Power up!

One of our most popular community events is Power Up 4 Fitness (PUFF) for area 4th graders. Focusing on the heart, lungs, nutrition, and physical activity, the children look forward to seeing the Mary Rutan Hospital team arrive.

This year, the MRH Team traveled to Benjamin Logan, Bellefontaine, Riverside, Indian Lake, Calvary Christian, West Liberty-Salem, and Jackson Center, reaching nearly 800 students in all.

Power Up 4 Fitness has been providing health education to area 4th graders for twelve years.

Other annual programs include the Bike Safety Rodeo, Creating A Healthier Me, Active Parenting, and the Winter Walking Program. The Outreach Team also provides an array of health and wellness initiatives along with educational support throughout the community and to area businesses, outreach centers, senior living centers, and churches.